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Protecting Your Hair During a Workout with Keraira Lashae

How to protect hair extensions during a workout using a Satin Lined Cap. Video demonstration of SLAPs with professional fitness trainer Keraira Lashae. 

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Protecting Short Straightened Hair While You Sleep with SLAPs

How to keep short straightened hair moisturized, protected, and tangle free while you sleep with Satin Lined Caps. Kayla Lashae shares her straight hair routine.

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Protecting Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment with SLAPs

Satin Lined Caps provide stylish hair protection after a keratin treatment, even with hair extensions. Fitness expert Chelsea Lift demonstrates in this video. 

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How To Preserve Your Curls for a Week featuring Lana Summer

Video demo on how to preserve your curls for a whole week using a Satin Lined Cap while you sleep. Stylish hair protection featuring YouTuber Lana Summer. 

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April 27, 2016

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Three Cute Back-to-School Hairstyles with Satin Lined Caps

Check out these three cute back-to-school hairstyles using SLAPs to keep your hair protected, moisturized, and tangle free all day

See why YouTuber MakeupWearaable Hairstyles calls SLAPs "the best and most common sense invention ever."

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