Veronica said:

I have Locs .. how does the Satin Cap work on Locs?

Gloria Smith

Gloria Smith said:

I have curly coils, which slap cap is good for my hair type?

Kathy Ryan

Kathy Ryan said:

I have a perm, but I am getting breakage

Eurka Johnson

Eurka Johnson said:

I just receive my slap three days ago, and I can honestly say my hair not dry, tangle, and frizzy. I love the feel, fit, and the look. Feel really pull together wearing my slap out in the public. Really saves me a lot of time getting ready. I love my natural hair I have tight coil curls, but it doesn’t hold moisture, the dryness cause my hair to break off and not grow. I am really excited about getting more colors making slap a part of my wardrobe.

Nia T.

Nia T. said:

I recently purchased myself two of the slaps and I love the feel and the look. I’m excited to see my hair no longer breaks. I recently relaxed my hair along with a short cut…. I’m ready for my hair to grow and I saw this infomercial and was hooked. I’ve since ordered 4 more as gifts for Mother’s Day for my sisters. Thank you


Michele said:

Looooooove it!

Dinah Lumpkin

Dinah Lumpkin said:

Very beautiful and stylish purple cap! It looks great and feels good on my head. My hair is left soft and protected throughout the day.

Sandy Igbonagwam

Sandy Igbonagwam said:

I received my slap 4 days ago. I can say honestly that my hair natural has not been dry or frizzy. This is the only thing that has ever stayed on my head all night . I am loving it and looking forward to purchase more.

Kendall Miller

Kendall Miller said:

Its so interesting how one small thing can change your life. Just knowing that I am going to wake up with perfect hair, makes my sleep so much better. I dont have to worry about my slap coming off at night. I know that my hair remains conditioned and shiny. Whether i chose to go natural or to blow dry my hair straight, i know my style will remain looking fresh until i change it again. I am so grateful that you took the time to invent the slap. I ordered 4. My daughter took 2, my b/f took 1. So, i need to order a couple more for me. Oh, and they are CUTE too !! xoxoxo


Janet said:

I am excited about this product. I notice a co-worker hair changes. Her hair is not dry and it has grown a great deal. You can truly see her coil pattern. We are doing the natural thing, which I think is the best. I can’t wait until I start getting the same result!

Marnette Young

Marnette Young said:

Love it my is not dry and hard.trying to go natural I hope my hair will grow.

Pamela Smith

Pamela Smith said:

I just love my slap I have 2 I just order 3 more. no more fizzy or dryness thank you love the colors.

Lisa W. Massey

Lisa W. Massey said:

I just ordered my first slap, but how do I wash/care for it ?

Marguerita Howze

Marguerita Howze said:

I received my slaps and was very happy to see them in the mail. I have locs and I was afraid of the dryness breaking my hair. These keep the moisture in and they stay on my head during the night. Love, love, love them.

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