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Stylish Hair Protection for Short Curly Hair with SLAPs

Protect your short curly hair and preserve your curls with a Satin Lined Cap. Fun and fashionable hair protection for your night time routine or out on the go. 

Check out the review from YouTube star colouredBeautiful and hear what she has to say about her natural Hair Faves and SLAPs how are one of her hair "holy grails." 

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June 08, 2016


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How to Shower at Night and Have Perfect Hair in the Morning with SLAPs

How to shower at night and have perfect hair in the morning. Kait Weston explains how to wake up with silky smooth hair by wearing a stylish Satin Lined Cap. 

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Three Different Looks Using a Satin Lined Cap from BronzeGoddess

Three different fun, fashionable, and functional looks for stylish hair protection with Satin Lined Caps to keep hair in place, moisturized, and tangle free. 

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Protecting Your Weave with Wavy Hair Using a SLAP

Protect your wavy hair, weave, and hair extensions with style using a Satin Lined Cap. Ivy Dear reviews SLAPs as one of her June 2015 Beauty Favorites. 

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