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10 Fall / Winter Curly Hairstyles with Satin Accessories.

" I always make sure that anything that I'm using has got a satin lining...Having a satin lining basically just means that your hair is going to be protected from friction or anything like that so it's going to reduce breakage".

Hey guys, it's Lana here and today I am going to show you guys some of my favorite fall/autumn/winter hairstyles and I felt like using a ton of accessories when I did these hairstyles because I don't usually accessorize and I've been loving it lately.

I've been using caps and beanies and hats and scrunchies and all kinds of things to try and create some really interesting looks, which I really hope that you guys enjoy. All of these that I'm showing you today are from satin-lined caps. 

 For the first look, I am going to take all of my hair into a  satin scrunchie, and I'm going to pull all of my hair through that once and then on the second time that I pull that through, I am going to sort of leave it halfway and then this kind of creates this faux bang, kind of pineapple bun kind of thing so you can take it to a side like that. Then I like to pull out some of the pieces that frame my face and I make sure that those are super cute by wrapping them around my finger and just turning them into ringlets.




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Stylish Hair Protection

 I wanted to create something that women could wear to bed that was comfortable enough to wear and that had an elastic band so it stays on the head all night long. At the same time, for those mornings when you have to get up and leave to take the kids to school, to run to the store, to take the trashcans out, I wanted something that you could wear into public without feeling embarrassed.

So I created the Slap. It has a satin lining on the inside and an exterior fabric of cotton that's actually pretty stretchy, that fits all of your hair inside of it; and looks stylish enough to wear out.

"Whether you're going on date night or if you want to dress it up, dress it down, it compliments any outfit well".

The Slap is meant to protect the hair from harsh cottons, from harsh materials that suck the moisture away and leave the hair dry and brittle. What satin does, it allows the hair to glide along it, while keeping in the moisture in the hair.

When you're wearing the Slap, the satin on the inside acts as a protective barrier from any harsh cottons. It allows the hair to not only keep it's moisture, but it also makes sure that it remains untangled and it remains intact by the morning time.  

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November 15, 2016


Slap Review by Naideen

Looking to maintain hairstyles and keep her hair healthy and shiny, Naideen gives Grace Eleyae's Satin-Lined Cap a try and loves it!



November 07, 2016


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November 07, 2016


The 30-second hairstyle

If you're pressed for time but don't want to walk out of the house with untamed hair, this will be your go to look!

Quick & Easy Protective Styles For Natural Hair with a Satin Lined Cap by KashTV

I'm actually going to be using one of my favorite new accessories. It's called the SLAP Cap. It's a satin-lined cap ... yes, that's right, satin guys. They're awesome because they keep your hair protected, moisturized, tangle-free. You can wear them while you're out on the go or you can wear them to sleep. How awesome is that ".

Hey, guys, what's up? It's KashTV here. I'm about to show you guys five protective hairstyles, awesome for the wintertime and cold weather. They're really simple, quick, and easy, so if you want to see how I achieve these looks stick around.  

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