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Walnut Slap | Satin Lined Cap

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This satin-lined cap, "SLAP" as we like to call it, is a versatile, stylish cap designed for style, comfort and functionality.

The morning kinks and the annoying tangles that come from friction between your head and a cotton pillowcase are no more!

The satin lining in the SLAP helps to combat those unwanted knots.

Say goodbye to the dryness that comes from cotton pillowcases and headrests absorbing the moisture from your hair!

The satin lining helps keep your hair moisturized while the elastic band keeps the SLAP in place all night.

Just invested in a new haircut and loving your new hairstyle that'll be gone when you wake up? Use a SLAP to keep your style longer!

The satin lining in the SLAP helps to avoid the frizzes that come from resting your head on harsh fabrics like cotton and make that style last much, much longer.

Satin is a type of weave, not a material like satin. Fibers are created into yarn, which are then woven or knit into materials, which are in turn sewn into garments. In the weaving process, instead of going one-over-one-under, satin just goes three- or four-over-one-under depending on the amount of luster or shine you want. So you can have polyester satin, nylon satin or even rayon satin. Our Satin is made from Polyester.

  • Length: 10.5″
  • Elastic band: 21.75″ (without stretching)
  • One size fits all
Content and Care
  • Exterior: Rayon/Spandex
  • Interior: Satin/Elastane
  • Machine wash delicate; air dry
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